Valdeon Blue Cheese

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Valdeon Blue Cheese

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Valdeon Blue Cheese
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Pack Size: 200g
Product Description

Valdeon blue cheese is made with cow milk 80% and goat milk 20% at the base of the Picos de Europa in the town of Posada de Valdeón, Spain

What does Valdeon Cheese taste like? It is rich and creamy, a tad spicy and fairly salty. It has a taste that sticks around on the palette. The salty start dissolves into a rich earthy taste that sticks around for a long finish. This is a complex and powerful cheese. The sweet of the milk spars with the sting of the blue mold. This is a cheese you can roll around in your mouth for a while because it stays interesting. There is a lot going on.

One of the unique features of Valdeon is that it is wrapped in Sycamore leaves while it ages for 45 to 60 days. The leaves help the cheese maintain moisture as well as imparting a special earthy characteristic.

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