Truffle Shaver by Sanelli Ambrogio

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Truffle Shaver by Sanelli Ambrogio

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Truffle Shaver by Sanelli Ambrogio
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Product Description

Our professional truffle shaver has been expertly crafted in Italy using the highest quality materials: finest stainless steel blade.

Ovangkol wood Inox steel plain blade, sharpened with greatest care. High quality adjusting screw for a perfect cut with thickness between 0,2 and 3 mm.

The beautifully carved Ovangkol wood handle ensures the user has a comfortable grip whilst shaving. The razor-sharp adjustable blade is made from stainless steel and allows the user to select the exact thickness of each shaving.

How to use?
Rest the base of the shaver on a flat surface and hold the handle securely. To shave a truffle, carefully slide the truffle down the paddle and over the blade. The shaver can also be used to thinly shave garlic, shallots, hard cheese, mushrooms & even chocolate.