Torreon Pluma Iberico

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Torreon Pluma Iberico

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Torreon Pluma Iberico
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Product Description

Pluma Iberico is a rather special cut taken from the neck end of pork loin. In Spanish it translates the 'feather' cut - due in part to the wing-like shape - and is sourced from free range Iberian Black Pigs; the kind that go snuffling for acorns in the woodlands of the Iberian Peninsula. You know, the ones that are famed for their ham. Or jamón.

It does prove a challenge from an aesthetical point of view though, as there is rather an abundance of fat that covers the lean meat underneath. However, it is precisely this fat that makes pluma so tasty and succulent. Furthermore, you can treat this cut just as you would a steak. We wouldn't go so far as suggesting you go for rare but we would definitely say that you should grill to medium. Even if it goes against your best instincts. Season generously and finish with some lemon juice and off you go.

Our recommendation to Iberico Pluma is to make it as Char Siew or for first timers is always a simple season & sear with salt for 1-2 hours…perhaps with a touch of lemon or garlic. Cook it on the grill, in a pan, or sear it & then finish in the oven. Removing it from the heat at Medium Rare* will let its best flavor & tenderness shine. After that, let it rest, slice against the grain, and serve to the adulation of your family, guests, or own tastebuds. We like to serve it with Teriyaki Onion Sauce

Note: Our good friends at the USDA recommend cooking all pork to an internal temperature of 63°C, followed by a three minute rest, for safety.

Weight per packet : about 400-700g 


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