Tomme Adrienne a la Truffes

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Tomme Adrienne a la Truffes

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Tomme Adrienne a la Truffes
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Pack Size: 200g
Product Description

Tomme de Chevre Grand-Mere Adrienne (Grandmother Adrienne) is a semi-soft artisan goat cheese from the Loire Valley region of France. Its bloomy, ashy rind is blueish-gray and boasts very strong, goaty aroma. The center is moist and fudge-like, becoming more runny and elastic as you make your way towards the rind. Once you taste the creamy texture you’ll notice fruity and hazelnut flavors with notes of lemon and buttermilk. This time comes a this beautiful truffle version with a solid line of truffle striping the middle of the cheese.

This delicate, citrusy cheese is made with fresh, locally sourced goat’s milk as the Fromagerie P. Jacquin & Son has for over sixty years. It’s aged for two weeks, then covered in ash. All cheeses from the fromagerie are hand-ladled into molds and are made with the same traditional recipes that have been passed down in the Loire Valley for generations.

Each cheese is formed with fresh milk that is collected from only fifty farms within a thirty-mile radius of the fromagerie with an average herd of only 150 goats. Traditionally, they use a French recipe for their cheese, but every U.S. bound cheese is pasteurized to adhere to government regulations. Two generations of the Jacquin family currently manage and run everything, and their adherence to the old traditions of Loire Valley cheese is certainly noticeable in every delectable bite of their wonderful cheeses.

If you love truffle and soft goat’s cheese, this is the one for you! The truffles impart a nice earthy taste, and we love it any time of the year: in summer with a glass of rosé, in autumn with a glass of white, or in the winter with a glass of red. You pick.