Tartufi Morra White Truffles Cream Puree

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Tartufi Morra White Truffles Cream Puree

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Tartufi Morra White Truffles Cream Puree
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Pack Size: 40g
Product Description

White truf­fles can be found in the more north­ern regions of Italy but are very rare and hence, very expen­sive. Fur­ther­more, trans­port­ing truf­fles runs the risk of destroy­ing del­i­cate aro­mat­ic and fla­vor of this sought after mem­ber of the mush­room fam­i­ly. One way to pre­serve the essen­tial aro­mat­ics of white truf­fles is to infuse it in a but­ter base with beef broth and some parme­san. The qual­i­ty of the purée base must be of the high­est qual­i­ty to not dimin­ish the fla­vor and qual­i­ty of the white truffle. 

Tartu­fi Mor­ra White Truf­fle Purée is a great medi­um to trans­port the full fla­vor of white truf­fles to cooks and those who appre­ci­ate good food any­where they are in the world. 

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, white truf­fles are shaved onto dish­es a lit­tle before serv­ing the food to max­i­mize the scent impart­ed by the truf­fle. Tartu­fi Mor­ra White Truf­fle Purée makes for a rich and lux­u­ri­ous condi­ment on bread, bli­n­is or any entrée. It can also be used to enrich a sauce or as the sauce itself for pas­tas and risot­tos. It will add a sub­tle but deep fla­vor to meat and fishes.

Add a lit­tle to an omelet at the end of cook­ing to trans­form an every­day dish into a spe­cial treat.