Tarabagani Hokkaido Red King Crab 5L (Raw)

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Tarabagani Hokkaido Red King Crab 5L (Raw)

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Tarabagani Hokkaido Red King Crab 5L (Raw)
  • $218.00
Pack Size: 1kg
Product Description

King crab or Tarabagani is the most expensive kind of Hokkaido crab. The season is from September-January. 

Tarabagani are caught and processed in the northern regions of Hokkaido, flashed frozen to maintain the highest level of freshness and airflown.

Extremely sweet and flaky, simple to prepare.

  • Approximately 1kg per shoulder
  • Best consumed in BBQ, Steamboat, steamed, baked and in soups 
  • Frozen, Raw (steam hight heat for 8 minutes to cook or boil or bake)
  • This product is best consumed within 3 days once thawed


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