Beekersberries Mixed Berries

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Beekersberries Mixed Berries

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Beekersberries Mixed Berries
  • $98.00
Product Description

NEW 1 set of  5 x 100g Berries, current medley : Whiteberry, Pineberry, Yellowberry, Pinkberry , and Blueberry.

* The images are for illustrative purposes only, our Beekersberry selection and packaging changes upon seasonal availability.

Berries; everyone loves it and is eating more and more of it. It’s delicious, and also a source of vitamin C, minerals and/or antioxidants. That’s why we at Beekers Berries strive to grow the best and special berries, whether it’s in the greenhouse, on the table top or out in the open fields. 

We love our products, so we handle them very carefully. We could talk about our berries all day long. In fact, that’s just what we do! And we don’t just talk about them. We’re always carrying out research and further developing our varieties. Or, to use a beautiful word from the official cultivation lexicon, we’re always refining them.

In our search for things like a still sweeter flavour, more juice or greater firmness, we test thousands of new varieties every year in the traditional way, in order to select only the best varieties.

This means that you can enjoy the delicious full flavour of summer every day, in any season, all year round!




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