Mimolette 6 mois Cheese

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Mimolette 6 mois Cheese

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Mimolette 6 mois Cheese
  • $18.00
Pack Size: 200g
Product Description

The name ‘Mimolette’ is derived from the French word molle, which means soft. In France, it is famous as Boule de Lille after the city of origin and vieux Hollande. Produced by Losfeld in Lille, it is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese similar to Edam. 

Along with its orange colour, the cheese has a fruity aroma, tastes a bit buttery, salty and nutty with 40% fats. In French, mi-mou means half soft and refers to the quite oily texture of this otherwise firm cheese. Mimolette is similar to parmesan—and can be used similarly.

It can be added to salads, omelets and other cooked dishes. It pairs well with Banyuls, Merlot and Sherry.