Torreon Presa Iberico

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Torreon Presa Iberico

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Torreon Presa Iberico
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Pack Size: 500g
Product Description

Presa Iberico  - and is sourced from free range Iberian Black Pigs; the kind that go snuffling for acorns in the woodlands of the Iberian Peninsula. You know, the ones that are famed for their ham or jamón.

Presa Iberico, is an oval shape cut from the shoulder of the Iberico pork and is one of the three Iberico meat cuts (pluma and secreto being the other two) that every meat connoisseur just can’t get enough of. This cut is of an intense garnet colour, with thick grains and abundantly marbled. 

Just like Wagyu, Iberico pork has loads of fantastic intramuscular fat which gives it that outstanding sweet, buttery and rich flavours, and a super delicate and tender texture, which earns it the nickname "Wagyu of pork".

Note: Our good friends at the USDA recommend cooking all pork to an internal temperature of 63°C, followed by a three minute rest, for safety.

Weight per packet : about 400-500g 


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