Rougie Magret de Canard (Duck Breast Meat)

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Rougie Magret de Canard (Duck Breast Meat)

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Rougie Magret de Canard Grande Cuisine (Duck Breast Meat)
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Pack Size: 400g
Product Description

​Magret is the breast of a fattened duck bred for the production of foie gras. It is a delicious cut of red meat, a gourmets’ favourite.​

Magret exclusively comes from a duck fattened for its foie gras. This breeding method brings a unique flavour, enhanced by a nice layer of fat stored under the skin, quite different from the breast of an unfattened duck. Rougié offers magrets which are easy to grill, sear, roast or prepare on the BBQ. Delivered Frozen - IQF Technology

Cooking Suggestion:

Place magret on a cutting board, skin-side up. Score skin into squares with a knife, without cutting into the meat. In a medium heat frying pan, cook magret on skin-side for 5mn. Flit it over and cook another 5 mn on the other side or place the skillet in the oven at 175°C. Fold in aluminium and let it rest for 5 min before slicing and serving your duck Magret. Bon Appétit!