Diamantina Wagyu Mince Beef

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Diamantina Wagyu Mince Beef

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Diamantina Wagyu Mince Beef
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Pack Size: 500g
Product Description

Diamantina range of beef are fed on the natural grasses and grains of the Australian bush.

We select the best breeds, rear them in the great outdoors, apply strict nutritional programs and natural processes to control every aspect of beef production. The result is consistently superior taste. From the world’s leading restaurants to family meals at home, our beef inspires every chef to serve their finest dishes, delighting everyone with every mouthful.

Combination of ground brisket, chuck and rump, to ensure tender, juicy meat yet full of flavours. Delivered Frozen - IQF Technology

The Diamantina Shire in western Queensland is renowned for producing some of Australia’s finest cattle. Stanbroke’s history, and the history of this famed region, have been intertwined for more than a century. Both are synonymous with exceptional quality beef.