Le Beurre Bordier Roscoff Onion

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Le Beurre Bordier Roscoff Onion

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Le Beurre Bordier Roscoff Onion Butter
  • $16.50
Pack Size: 125g
Product Description

Two popular Breton products - sweet butter and succulent onion - combine to create a unique flavour and texture which will enhance a variety of your favorite foods. Onions are a speciality of Roscoff and grow more flavourful in the city’s superior, mineral rich soil.

We like to serve this with skirt steak, fried potatoes or even on a slice of bread topped with very good cheese.

Le Beurre Bordier butter is considered one of the best in the world. Bordier is a beurre de baratte, or butter produced using traditional French techniques including being “cultured, churned, then handled by two small wooden paddles.” Bordier butter is versatile, working overtime as a spread, an ingredient in baked goods, and as a browned base for pasta sauce. The milk is sourced from Brittany and Normandy, and Bordier butter is churned and kneaded by hand. The flavor is complex, encompassing salty, floral, earthy, nutty notes. Best simply put as “heavenly.”

Available as of October through April

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