La Tourangelle Virgin Organic Argan Oil

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La Tourangelle Virgin Organic Argan Oil

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La Tourangelle Virgin Organic Argan Oil
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Pack Size: 250ml
Product Description

An exceptional Organic Argan Oil comes from the Moroccan coastline is handmade  and rich in essential fatty acids and sterols.

Argan oil, known as "liquid gold," is a beautifully hued oil that is almost uniquely produced in Morocco. It is a renowned culinary and beauty product. Despite its expense—the traditional method of extraction is labor intensive—argan oil is regarded as an essential ingredients in many Moroccan kitchens. Not only is it delicious, but in terms of health benefits, it surpasses other healthy oils such as olive oil and almond oil.

How to Cook With Argan Oil

This Moroccan specialty is used as a salad dressing, ingredient for both savory and sweet recipes, and sometimes a cooking oil. It can also be drizzled as a condiment on couscous, vegetables, salads, and eggs. It has a low smoking point, so it should be used over a low to medium heat—such as when cooking a tagine—and as a finishing touch to dishes.

What Does It Taste Like?

The culinary argan oil has a subtle but distinctive nutty taste somewhat similar to walnut oil or hazelnut oil. It has a toasted, creamy flavor and wonderful nutty aroma.

Cosmetic benefits:

Argan Oil also comes with cosmetic benefits as it encourage cell cohesion for firmer, plumper skin. It also helps keep skin well hydrated, leaving it protected, soothed and intensively nourished.  The argan tree produces an oil famed over centuries for its exceptional nourishing, repairing and protective properties and produced in traditional methods. Renowned for its ability to renew and revitalise, making it ideal for combatting skin ageing. 

Apply Argan Oil all over hair as a mask or just to the ends to leave it repaired, strengthened, soft and glossy. 

Organic Argan Oil is ideal for:
• Those wanting a 100% natural plant oil certified as organic
• Its ability to nourish, soften, protect and repair
• Nourished, protected and firmer skin
• Being a great addition to your skincare routine
• Strengthening and repairing hair
• Its properties which make it an essential multi-use oil
• All skin types - especially dry and fragile

Usage and tips

Before using your daily moisturiser, apply Organic Argan Oil to the face or body, then gently massage in.
To use on hair, apply Organic Argan Oil all over as a mask or just on the ends and let it work for a few hours or overnight. Wash hair and rinse thoroughly in cold water.