Caviaroli Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Basil

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Caviaroli Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Basil

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Caviaroli Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Basil
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Pack Size: 50ml
Product Description

“Taste explosion” are the words that sum up Caviaroli, a sphere of pure oil with the same texture as caviar. It explodes in the mouth, leaving unique aromas and intensity on the palate. An exciting way of enhancing any gastronomic experience.

With a personality dominated by pressed fresh basil, this greenish oil smells.

Characteristics: Very aromatic, for summer dishes such as Caprese salad, an ideal garnish on recipes with fresh pasta. Ideal with mozzarella, pasta and tomato.


Great with either hot or cold dishes, can be used to garnish soups (stays intact up to 60ºC)

Cooking with it is not recommended

Before using it, turn the jar over a few times to release its full aroma

The colour of the pearls depends on the oil inside