Levoni Prosciutto di Parma Ham DOP 18 mths

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Levoni Prosciutto di Parma Ham DOP 18 mths

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Levoni Prosciutto di Parma Ham DOP 18 mths
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Pack Size: 70g
Product Description

Originating in a territory with an ideal climate, thanks to the dry Versilia breeze that gently descends from the Apennine Mountains, it is recognizable for its round, trotter-less form, slices pleasantly framed by milky white fat. It has mildly seasoned aromas and a delicate flavour. As its curing progresses, it acquires curing cellar scents and other complex, intense aromas. At its peak curing of 24 months, it offers a virtuous harmony of olfactory perceptions, with mild, fragrant aromas. On the palate, it resounds with  Prosciutto di Parma has a more nutty and saltier flavour,exalting seasoned notes.

Levoni has been synonymous with high quality deli meats since 1911. Levoni quality comes from selected raw materials and from an artisan care perfectly integrated with the safety warranties and standards of the industrial systems. With over 300 references, Levoni produces 100% Italian deli meats obtained from pigs born, bred and processed in Italy.