5do Frozen Raw Shelled Canadian Lobster Tail & Claws

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5do Frozen Raw Shelled Canadian Lobster Tail & Claws

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5do Frozen Raw Shelled Canadian Lobster Tail & Claws
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Pack Size: 150g
Product Description

From May to October, fishermen deliver freshly caught lobster. The live crustaceans are purified in tanks and treated with High Pressure in order to remove the raw flesh from the shell.

Then is either frozen whole or carefully shelled raw by hand. Cryogenic freezing freezes this exceptional product so that it retains all the organoleptic qualities of a freshly caught lobster. Between the time the lobster enters the High Pressure machine and the time it is vacuum-packed, takes 30 minutes. The temperature of the product is controlled at each stage in order to offer:

• Fresh tasting qualities

• Saving you time in the kitchen. No more shelling required, even the cartilage contained in the forceps has been removed

• Easy preparation, you can poach the lobster in its' cooking bag

• Easy storage (frozen, vacuum-packed)

Cinq Degrés Ouest (5do) is the pioneer in Europe of the treatment by High Pressure applied to seafood. They specialize in the meat extraction of mollusks and shellfish, and their cryopreservation (freezing by Nitrogen). Its expertise lies on its control over the value chain: sourcing of live materials, purification, and shelling into frozen raw meat of premium quality.

Its products are dedicated to Chefs and satisfy them with a unique quality all year-round. Since 2018, 5DO is based on the fishing port of Lorient with a processing facility fully dedicated to the production of innovative products, always more qualitative for Chefs.