Black Autumn Truffle

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Black Autumn Truffle

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Black Autumn Truffle
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Upcoming Date: Oct, 07, 2022
Pack Size: 120g
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Please Note: Sizes varies, minimum 120g, Price changes weekly based on selected delivery week~ for weight difference >5g we will contact you for price difference top up.

Price changes every week, We do not keep stock of the fresh truffles as they are highly perishable items - all Fresh Truffles are flown in fresh upon order only to maintain freshness, so please place your order by:

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The Black Autumn truffle (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin) also known as Tartufo Uncinato or Burgundy truffle, is very similar to the Summer Truffle, so much so that according to several scholars, it is actually an autumnal variety of this truffle. The differences, not always easy to tell, are related to the truffle’s appearance (peridium, gleba, shape and size), to the aroma, and especially to the later ripening period. Its skin ranges from very dark brown to black, with small warts; and its flesh varies from hazel to brown in colour, with extremely ramified pale whitish veins. The scientific name uncinatum derives from the Latin term uncinatus [hooked] due to the particular shape of its spores, characterised by membranes that, when observed under the microscope, reveal small hook-like filaments.

Aroma: The Black Autumn Truffle is generally more appreciated than the Scorzone (Summer Truffle) because its marked aroma. The heady aroma makes it a variety which lends itself to a variety of uses, both raw and cooked. The earthy flavours of The Black Autumn Truffle are wonderful when used in pasta and rice dishes, or to complement meat dishes. This truffle has a more intense aroma compared to the Summer Truffle, one of the reasons because it fetches slightly higher prices on the market than the Scorzone.

We source these autumn truffle from our Italian partner in Alba Italy, they’re hunted wild in the hills of Langhe then rushed to us on the same day they come out of the ground.

Harvest period: October/December
Use in the kitchen: It is qualitatively between the Black Winter Truffle and the Summer Truffle. More preferably used cooked.
Whole: slivers on fillet, fondue, eggs in the pan, tagliatelle.
Diced: sauté with oil and a clove of garlic, salt and pepper. The preparation can be used on pasta dishes, main courses, omelettes and eggs.

How to preserve the Fresh Truffle

The preservation can take place in the refrigerator, for short periods or in the freezer for longer periods:

  1. In the refrigerator (between 2 ° and 6 °)- It can be wrapped individually in an absorbent paper or enclosed in an airtight food container. The container must be replaced, if necessary, every day. Small white molds may form around the truffle, resulting from normal perspiration and water loss; in this case, the truffle is not yet ruined. It can be defined as ruined when it begins to lose its consistency, to become soft and consequently to emit a bad smell. Storage Period : approx 7-10 days.
  2. In the freezer: Whole: after cleaning and drying the Fresh Black truffle, it can be frozen whole in a glass or plastic container for food use. In this case, it must still be used frozen. Storage period: About 5 Months.