Gruyere Grotte AOP Cheese

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Gruyere Grotte AOP Cheese

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Gruyere Grotte AOP Cheese
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Pack Size: 200g
Product Description

Le Gruyère Grotte AOP is produced in the Alps during the summer months. Matured at least for 16-20 months and aged in natural sandstone caves in Switzerland.

This is a cheese that can easily be enjoyed, because it has a powerful, yet harmonious taste. It is hand washed in brine, which reflects in the flavour; an initial salty taste that does not linger long. The pale coloured interior offers a hard-to-semihard dry paste that gets quite creamy in the mouth. Flavours of sweet, nutty, fruity, even mushroom, come to mind and become more complex with age.

Champagne has been suggested as a pairing for this cheese, considered one of Switzerland’s most prevalent and best cheeses.