Mons Fromager Cheese Platter

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Mons Fromager Cheese Platter


Mons Cheese: The Perfect End To Your French Meal

No one knows why the French venerate cheese, but it is an unquestionable part of every French table. Often a companion to wine and bread, cheese in French cuisine number at 200 to 400 kinds, with many different uses and iterations.

Unlike other cultures that pair cheese with aperitifs, cheese comes at the end of the meal in lieu of a sweet dessert. Cheese plates in French-themed dinners are enjoyed with guests leisurely, usually paired with fruits, nuts, wine and conversation. Not to say that cheeses don’t make an appearance in other courses of the meal, but for an authentic French experience, swap out the sweets for a cheese platter with your digestifs.

If you’re planning to wrap up your French-themed dinner party with a cheese plate, it’s best to know what cheeses come together for a cheese platter that will delight everyone. Our selection of five cheeses from French label Mons Cheese has everything you need to wow your guests, or simply indulge yourself in something special.

The Mons Cheese

Like many of the offerings here at Fave Fine Foods, the Mons Cheese caters to the discerning palate of the Singaporean gourmand. Airflown by request from abroad to ensure freshness, Mons Cheese is well-known as one of the top suppliers of fine cheeses from France. The label hails from the Auvergne region, where the Mons family first supplied artisanal cheeses. Today, they have branches in the U.K. where they store and ripen imported fromage from Switzerland and France.

The Selection

The Farm Cheese Platter offered by Fave Fine Foods is composed of five cheeses for every palate, ensuring that your cheese plate has a variety of textures, milk sources, and edge. This selection changes every 3 months according to the season.

Bleu de Causses AOP

The Bleu des Causses AOP hails from the Occitanie region of France, the same birthplace of the iconic blue cheese Roquefort. Indeed, Bleu des Causses is actually a milder version of the more widespread blue cheese from the area, particularly made and matured in Gorge du Tarn town of Southern France.

It is made from cow’s milk and bears the AOP appellation, meaning that it is processed and refined only in a specific region. Bleu des Causses is savory and salty like other blue cheeses, but does not cut with the sharpness and pepperiness of the Roquefort, making it a great pair with sweet white wines.

Chabichou AOP

On the other hand, the Chabichou AOP is more flexible in flavour with a firm and creamy texture. This historic soft cheese is made of goat’s milk and is exclusively made in the Aquitaine region of France since 732 A.D., becoming so iconic that a tourist guide published in 1782 mentions it. The Chabichou works well with both white and red wines.

Pyrénées Brebis

For a more floral and nutty palate, the Pyrénées Brebis is the perfect slice to nibble on. This semi-hard cheese actually originates from New York but is matured and made in the traditional style within the Pyrénées mountains between France and Spain. It is made with sheep’s milk, allowing it to have a distinct salt balance that makes it a good tasting cheese. Traditionally served with black cherry preserves or dark honey, the Pyrénées Brebis is a great palate cleanser after a satisfying French meal.

Saint-Nectaire AOP

It’s said that the Saint-Nectaire AOP made an appearance on the table of King Louis XIV, thanks to its namesake, the Marshal Henri de la Ferte-Senneterre (sounds like Saint-Nectaire, doesn’t it?). It was originally made by women in the Saint-Nectaire farmstead who traditionally matured cow’s milk in rye to get the semi-soft, flavourful cheese.

As an AOP, its production is controlled in the Auvergne region, allowing only 72 villages to mark their cheeses as authentic Saint-Nectaire cheese. It is creamy and bears an almost hazelnut flavour, and aside from adding a luxurious touch to your cheese spread, it can also be baked into tarts and buns for added decadence.

Délice de St Cyr

Also known as Grand Vatel, the Délice de St Cyr is a melt-in-your-mouth cow’s milk cheese made in the Bourgogne region of France. Its high fat content lends to its almost buttery texture and its aging process gives it a mushroomy and citrus-y tinge. Because of this, the Délice de St Cyr is the perfect dessert cheese for pairing with fruity wines like the Vouvray or for a real treat, a flute of Champagne.

This cheese platter from Mons Cheeses can elevate your dinner party to greater heights. Order now at Fave Fine Foods for responsibly-sourced, artisanal and restaurant-quality gourmet foods. For airflown dairy products, a lead time of 7 days before delivery is required to ensure that you get the freshest gourmet gastronomical experience.

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