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For a cheese to be truly great, it has to be made in small batches by an artisan cheese maker who gives it his full attention by following the development of the cheese from pasture to table, nurturing it to the end. This is one food where quality really does matter, so do not compromise.


Marie-Antoinette was mistaken – she should have declared “Let them eat chocolate!”

Eating Well

Since we must eat to live, we might as well do it with both grace and gusto”.  


The panettone are just as exuberant as always, beautifully wrapped in colours of yellow, gold, blue (and even lime green!), heralding the onset of the festive season. 

Give Thanks

The spirit of the holiday is to give thanks, a gesture especially important this year

Slow Food Movement

The focus of the movement is on mindful eating, not mindless eating. It believes that one must create memories and participate actively with food.

3 Ways to Incorporate Truffles into Your Cooking

Exquisite and delightful, truffles are undeniably one of the greatest discoveries in the world of fine dining.

What Makes Food Artisanal?

In much simpler times, food is always artisan: homemade, lovingly prepared, and created with special innovations that serve the needs of the time period. As the world became industrialised, it meant cheaper and faster options for food preparation, but at the cost of the touch of human interaction that can imbue meals with the magic that comes from cooking with love.

Fine Dining: Why The Home Experience Is Better Than A Restaurant

Dine In The Most Intimate Venue In Town

Mons Cheese: The Perfect End To Your French Meal

Unlike other cultures that pair cheese with aperitifs, cheese comes at the end of the meal in lieu of a sweet dessert. Cheese plates in French-themed dinners are enjoyed with guests leisurely, usually paired with fruits, nuts, wine and conversation. Not to say that cheeses don’t make an appearance in other courses of the meal, but for an authentic French experience, swap out the sweets for a cheese platter with your digestifs.