The Best Butter in the world!

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The Best Butter in the world!


The Rolls-Royce of Butter

Butter is an underrated and essential ingredient in our kitchens. It can be slathered on warm toast, topped on a piece of juicy steak, used for sauteing vegetables, added to enrich a sauce and mixed into dough for perfect flaky pastries. Used in practically all forms of food preparation, it is safe to say nothing comes close to matching the versatility of this extraordinary ingredient.

French butter, in particular, is renowned worldwide for its sublime, deep and rich flavours. No where in the world will you find a greater concentration of people who love and appreciate butter, but even amongst the French there is a singular name that stands out unanimously amongst connoisseurs and chefs alike.

That name is none other than Le Beurre Bordier.

What is Bordier Butter?

Bordier butter is handmade in Brittany, France and is the creation of Jean-Yves Bordier. Rich, creamy and bright yellow, Jean-Yves Bordier’s distinctive butter is sought after and used by Michelin establishments all over the world. Chefs love Bordier for its silky texture, complexity, aroma and ability to bring out flavours in culinary creations.

Many people who have tried Bordier say it's nothing like they’ve ever tasted before, some going as far as to say the experience has changed the way they see butter forever.

What Makes Bordier Butter so Great?

Jean-Yves Bordier has dedicated his life to creating butter, the third generation in a family of cheesemongers, he had originally wanted to become a sailor. Like all artisanal products, Bordier is crafted with reverence for the land, animals and tradition.

It starts with small, local farms in Brittany with milk from cows that are allowed to roam, graze freely and live charmed lives. In fact, what the cows eat is said to affect how the butter tastes and looks, as their diet changes throughout the seasons so does their milk. The milk is cultured and left to mature and develop flavour for two days. The cultured milk is churned twice using traditional technique, once to remove the whey and a second time with ice water before again being rested for 24 hours before the next step.

It is during kneading where Bordier butter comes alive. Jean-Yves Bordier has perfected a 19th century traditional method of kneading using a special wooden machine called a Malaxeur. It is a process that is dependent on the experience, skill and technique of the kneader as only they can tell when the butter is soft and silky enough to move on to the next step. The butter is then shaped and formed by hand using special grooved paddles before being packed as is, seasoned simply with salt or with one of Bordier’s unique flavours.

Bordier is a labour of love and respect for traditional techniques that cannot be replicated by modern machinery or technology. Jean-Yves Bordier and his team of passionate craftsmen have poured their hearts into creating something truly special to transform butter into a luxury ingredient to be savoured and enjoyed.

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