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Champagne has a soul that “dances like no other”.  It is the wine that was served when Paris unveiled the Eiffel Tower to the world.  It is the wine that is used to launch ships and to close business deals.  It is rare to find a drink that personifies all that is good in this world in the same way as champagne.

High-Low Dining

The key to mastering high-low dining is to make it look effortlessly chic.


For a cheese to be truly great, it has to be made in small batches by an artisan cheese maker who gives it his full attention by following the development of the cheese from pasture to table, nurturing it to the end. This is one food where quality really does matter, so do not compromise.


Marie-Antoinette was mistaken – she should have declared “Let them eat chocolate!”

Eating Well

Since we must eat to live, we might as well do it with both grace and gusto”.  


The panettone are just as exuberant as always, beautifully wrapped in colours of yellow, gold, blue (and even lime green!), heralding the onset of the festive season. 

Garlic-Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

A brilliant roast centerpiece dish because it's impressive and surprisingly easy to make.

Apple Sausage Stuffing

This stuffing got it all – golden, buttery crunchy top, soft and moist inside.

Classic French Roast Chicken

Few dishes are as beloved as a golden roast chicken. It’s hard to go wrong with the basic method, delicious mustardy roast chicken adapted from Jacques de Pépin recipe rise above the rest.

Give Thanks

The spirit of the holiday is to give thanks, a gesture especially important this year

Slow Food Movement

The focus of the movement is on mindful eating, not mindless eating. It believes that one must create memories and participate actively with food.

Popsicles with Strawberry Jam

Fresh and sweet, the strawberry and yogurt popsicle is very simple to prepare, fast and perfect for hot scorching days.

3 Ways to Incorporate Truffles into Your Cooking

Exquisite and delightful, truffles are undeniably one of the greatest discoveries in the world of fine dining.

Lobster Risotto

An elegant, delicious and creamy butter lobster risotto, with chunks of lobster and a drizzle of lobster oil. Perfect romantic meal for two or when you have guests over for dinner.