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Aljomar Secreto Iberico

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Aljomar Secreto Iberico

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Aljomar Secreto Iberico
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Product Description

“Secreto Ibérico de Bellota”—the “secret” cut from one of Spain’s acorn-fattened pigs. (Bellota means acorn in Spanish.)

This “secret butcher’s cut” meat is supernaturally tender with a mild, nutty, porky flavor. Thanks to its generous intramuscular fat, secreto is juicy and rich; it is often compared to Wagyu beef. But because of the animals’ natural diet, the fat in Ibérico de Bellota is of the mono-unsaturated variety, the so-called “good” fat. Like olive oil, the meat is also high in oleic acid.

This cut is one of chefs' most valuable part of of a pig, even more so because of the scarcity of the product, as a large pig only can produce about 450 grams piece of "secreto"/ shoulder meat .

Our recommendation to Iberico first timers is always a simple season & sear with salt for 1-2 hours…perhaps with a touch of lemon or garlic. Cook it on the grill, in a pan, or sear it & then finish in the oven. Removing it from the heat at Medium Rare* will let its best flavor & tenderness shine. After that, let it rest, slice against the grain, and serve to the adulation of your family, guests, or own tastebuds. We like to serve it with Teriyaki Onion Sauce

Note: Our good friends at the USDA recommend cooking all pork to an internal temperature of 63°C, followed by a three minute rest, for safety.

A short note about Aljomar Iberico, is one of the healthiest foods in the world and Aljomar produce the most exquisite Iberico hams available.  We simply define it as ‘one of the most amazing foods in the world’ due to its bouquet, aroma, texture, juiciness, and flavours.  Based on bromatological analysis, an Iberico meats made from from an Iberian pig raised in the Dehesa pastures provides an excellent lipid panel, low in saturated fats, high in monosaturated fats, which is very different from that of an Iberian pig fattened on feedlots. Aljomar breeds and raises their own pigs in the Dehesa pastures of holm and cork oaks, which provides a natural habitat for the authentic Iberian pig.

Weight per packet : about 750g - > 1kg