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About Us

About Us

Fave Fine Food is your online gourmet purveyor and fine food shopping destination — bringing the world of specially sourced gourmet food and luxury experiences to everyday homes, private aviation and yachts in Singapore.

Our founder, Valandra, has trained and worked for a Michelin starred kitchen in France like La Cabro d’Or and other fine establishments such as Hotel de Crillon Paris and The Ritz Paris. As an exclusive in-flight Chef for VVIPs in private aviation, she travelled around the world, discovering and sampling the globe’s most exquisite ingredients to meet the culinary desires of her clients.

We’re excited to share her passion for fine food from her experiences and personal favourites with you. From Bordier butter to Truffles from Italy and Sturia caviar, our collection of speciality products are some of Valandra’s most trusted staples. These are the world’s most distinctive and time-honoured brands and products, made by masters who respect the land, animals and centuries-old tradition, values shared by Fave Fine Food.


So whether you’re a food connoisseur or a gourmet home cook preparing for a dinner party — delight the senses and palates of your guests, friends, and loved ones with our specially curated selection.

Discover and shop for the finest food products online at your convenience with www.favefinefood.com. We will deliver your purchased selection to your home, private aviation and yachts, maintaining the high quality of your purchase through best cold chain delivery practices, thanks to our team and partners.

We’re on hand for all your gastronomic needs… 





“Food is more than mere sustenance for the body. Food is a gift from nature that ought to be appreciated and treated with respect. It brings people together, be it strangers, family or friends, in joyous thankfulness for a lovingly made meal”

My love for flavours began in the home kitchen. From as young as 9 years old, I eagerly prepared home-cooked meals for my family. My mom taught me family recipes handed down for generations, and would always insist on using the freshest ingredients — instilling an appreciation for tradition and the importance of the right produce from a young age.

In my teenage years I moved to South of France and eventually Paris where I lived, studied, trained, and worked in a Michelin kitchen, luxury hotels and currently as an In-flight Chef for private aviation VVIP dining at 45,000 feet. Over the years, my love for food grew even stronger and my values towards food were formed. My time in France still inspires me; I remember being mesmerised as I watched how the finest ingredients from the land were turned into culinary masterpieces to be savoured and enjoyed.

In search of the world's most pleasurable and satisfying taste sensations exclusively prepared for the few — I have developed a deep appreciation and respect for artisanal ingredients and all that they stand for. From their incredible flavours, to the age-old traditions behind them and  dedicated people who created them.

Some of these ingredients are Le Beurre Bordier the Rolls Royce of butter, fresh truffles from Tartuffi Morra, Sturia caviar which is considered caviar haute couture and multi-award winning Castillo de Canena premium olive oil.

What makes it so special? If you ask the man behind the butter, Jean-Yves Bordier, he'll say something like, "I haven't invented anything new, I use old methods that respect the land, the animals, and tradition."

The joy of experiencing them is something I hope to bring to your dining room. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout my journey, it’s how food, people and family are intimately connected. Dining together with friends and family is one of life’s innocent delights.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to handle these amazing ingredients, creating pleasurable and satisfying taste sensations for others to enjoy. You have a unique opportunity to savour the same passion I have for fine food, from the masters who created it. 

From finding the ultimate foodie gifts to helping you plan, cater and host a dinner party to remember, we're on hand for all your gastronomic needs...

Bon Appetit !